Tea and a Butterfly Wordless Wednesday


The Autumn Fair… in January (Plus Girls Weekend)

I have occasionally complained of the lack of things to do in Bahrain (even though there is a shop by that name that sells equestrian gear on one side and arts and crafts supplies on the other, proving that my grumbles must, in fact, be incorrect).  However, I think the problem isn't that there is … Continue reading The Autumn Fair… in January (Plus Girls Weekend)

Wordless Wednesday- Feeling Nostalgic

  The Ladybug is going to be four in two weeks...   ... I'm not sure what to do with that information. The Ladybug and her Sprout- ready for the roller derby... ... Just like their mom and Cousin before them...  

The Reason I Left

Today's post is the 2nd in an Expat Link-up series by Molly over at The Move to America.  The topic today is ‘The Reason I Left’ – share why you became an expat. What made you choose a particular place or the traveling lifestyle? Has it been what you expected? What did you consider/wish you … Continue reading The Reason I Left

Five Things I Love About My Expat Life

I've found another link-up... and apparently I'm an expat blogger now.My friend and fellow blogger (and sometimes running buddy when we aren't feeling too lazy) Becky and I were talking a few weeks ago about being an expat and what it means.  We discussed the quote I mentioned way back in our Expat Blog Challenge … Continue reading Five Things I Love About My Expat Life