#MySundayPhoto- Flamingo Land

This girl was on a mission- find her sister, find her cousin, and have fun doing it!  


#MySundayPhoto-Growing Up

The Ladybug turned six yesterday- and I'm not sure where the last six years have gone, but I have loved spending them with this girl. Now if time could just slow down a little bit.

#MySundayPhoto- First Time Skiers in Zlatibor, Serbia

The girls went skiing for the first time this past weekend in Zlatibor, Serbia.  One loved it... one is still not sure.

#MySundayPhoto- Snow on Avala Mountain, Belgrade

"It's a chimney!!  That's where Santa goes down!" It's a fountain, but I like the chimney idea a lot better.

#MySundayPhoto-My Brave Girl

We went to the wine festival in Sremski Karlovci this weekend.  My brave girl walked right up to the python and asked to pet it.  And she has now decided that, in addition to the 100 cats she wants to own, she would also like a pet snake.  

#MySundayPhoto- Candy Floss in Topčider Park

My little Batgirl eyes a stick of candy floss that is as big as she is!  Don't worry- she didn't eat it all herself.  She had some friends to help her out!