#MySundayPhoto- Flamingo Land

This girl was on a mission- find her sister, find her cousin, and have fun doing it!  


You’re Doing It Wrong: A Blog Relaunch

You might have noticed I've been MIA for a few months... I've thought about this blog almost daily since my last post but I couldn't quite bring myself to write.  Why, you may ask?  Because I was having an existential crisis.  Every time I sat down to write, something, or someone interrupted.  It went something like … Continue reading You’re Doing It Wrong: A Blog Relaunch

#MySundayPhoto-Growing Up

The Ladybug turned six yesterday- and I'm not sure where the last six years have gone, but I have loved spending them with this girl. Now if time could just slow down a little bit.

#MySundayPhoto- First Time Skiers in Zlatibor, Serbia

The girls went skiing for the first time this past weekend in Zlatibor, Serbia.  One loved it... one is still not sure.

48 Hours in Belgrade

When I left for the Dominican Republic, way back in 2002, everyone I knew (no word of a lie) said, 'I'm coming to visit you!' My parents, my sister, and my aunt came- all at the same time, so it was technically like having one visitor.  No one else showed up. When I moved to … Continue reading 48 Hours in Belgrade

The Travel Curse Strikes Again- A Road Trip from Belgrade to England

My kids are amazing travelers and you will never convince me otherwise.  They once happily played and slept their way through a nine-hour layover in London Heathrow.  They moved from hotel to hotel when not one but two flights were canceled in a trip from Atlanta to Bahrain, resulting in a 48-hour trip instead of … Continue reading The Travel Curse Strikes Again- A Road Trip from Belgrade to England