Our Apartment in Beograd

One of the biggest questions expat teachers have when moving to a new country is, 'What is my apartment going to look like?'  There are a few ways you get a house: Some schools may have you come early and pick out your own place, but I've only heard of that happening a few times... … Continue reading Our Apartment in Beograd


My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments

There have been a lot of awesome life moments for me since I moved overseas... but there were also a lot of awesome moments before I moved.  Today is a bit of a reflection on all things awesome in my life.So here they are, in no particular order-   My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments1. Marrying … Continue reading My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments

The Reason I Left

Today's post is the 2nd in an Expat Link-up series by Molly over at The Move to America.  The topic today is ‘The Reason I Left’ – share why you became an expat. What made you choose a particular place or the traveling lifestyle? Has it been what you expected? What did you consider/wish you … Continue reading The Reason I Left

Some Really Good Advice…

The recruiting process for international teachers is hard.  It's a ridiculously long, stressful process that reminds me a lot of Rush (Recruitment) in a sorority.  Will they like me?  Is this school cool?  Will everyone think I'm awesome if I go here?  Why is no one else applying here?  What do they know that I … Continue reading Some Really Good Advice…

Where Can I Get Pom-Poms (or Where I Shop)

One of the most fun and often frustrating parts of moving to a new country is figuring out what you can and can't buy... and where to find it.    In the US, we are accustomed to a one-stop shopping experience, especially with the explosion of Super Walmarts and Targets.  What?  I can get groceries, a … Continue reading Where Can I Get Pom-Poms (or Where I Shop)

My First Linkup- The Unexpected Challenge

‘The Unexpected Challenge’ – share something that you had not expected that was a challenge to overcome (it can be a positive or negative challenge). You can share how you dealt with it, or are still trying to – anything that you want to write about. End with three tips on how best to face … Continue reading My First Linkup- The Unexpected Challenge

The Traditions We Keep

Day 27: A tradition I maintain.I have been overseas for twelve years and I have not yet missed a Thanksgiving celebration.  Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving- you don't mess with it. It doesn't matter if you live in the Dominican Republic when Thanksgiving rolls around.  If you do, you might help collaborate on a traditional Southern Thanksgiving feast, … Continue reading The Traditions We Keep