A Toast To What is Yet to Come

A toast- to all those people I've met and all those I will meet. A toast to all that I've seen and all that is yet to be seen. A toast to those I have to say goodbye to at the end of every summer and those I get to say hello to at the beginning of … Continue reading A Toast To What is Yet to Come


Them Are Fightin’ Words

Today's Prompt: “‘Expat Syndrome’ is a condition whereby many expatriates see mostly either the best of their own nationality & the worst of the locals, or see the opposite.” -T CrossleyThis could raise some heckles and I'd like to say that I'm going to apologize in advance, but I'm not. I like home.  I've mentioned it … Continue reading Them Are Fightin’ Words

The View from Where I Write

If we're being all dreamy and introspective, The View from Where I Write is unbelievably amazing. I have lived all over the world, and the places I haven't been, I probably know someone is there... or has been there... or know someone who knows someone who is there.  I met and married the rugby-star of … Continue reading The View from Where I Write

Back to life, back to reality

Oh beautiful three weeks of Christmas break, how did you pass so quickly?  How is it 2014 already?  And how is it possible that I am returning to work tomorrow?  Oh the pain...It's only painful because I know how much work lies ahead of me.  We've got approximately three weeks until finals in the high … Continue reading Back to life, back to reality

So… This is Christmas

IF ye be wondering...Mother nature, the internets and school have all conspired against me.  I haven't written a word since the last post, though I did reorganize my Nano chapters for easy editing... well, one Nano chapter.  But it's some amazingly beautiful reorganizing, so I don't feel too bad.  I got sick, we ran out … Continue reading So… This is Christmas

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I am officially a three-time winner of Nanowrimo!Nano has gotten some bad wrap on the Internets this year.  People who consider themselves to be 'real' writers are poking fun at those people who set out to write an arbitrary amount of words in a month, which really signifies nothing.  Well, for those of us who … Continue reading Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!