Expat Life


August 14- Ada Bridge

48 Hours in Belgrade

#MySundayPhoto- Snow on Avala Mountain, Belgrade

My Best and Worst of 2016

The Travel Curse Strikes Again- A Road Trip from Belgrade to England

A Visit to Zlatibor, Serbia- Gostilje Waterfall and Stopica Cave

A Little Wine in Sremski Karlovci- Serbia

#MySundayPhoto- My Brave Girl

#MySundayPhoto- Candy Floss in Topcider Park

A Day in Our Life in Belgrade- Topcider Park

Our Apartment in Beograd

Silent Sunday- August 14

Belgrade, Serbia- My First Impressions and a Visit to Ada Ciganlija



Out of the Desert (The Last 25 Days in Bahrain)

26 Days in Bahrain

52 Days in Bahrain*

60 Days in Bahrain

Silent Sunday- April 17

Biking Around Bahrain- It’s Really a Thing!

Silent Sunday- March 20

Puddles on Wordless Wednesday

The Bahrain Farmers Market

25 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now- Expat Edition

Cultural Experiences Abroad

The Autumn Fair… In January (Plus Girls Weekend)

There Are Things for Kids to Do in Bahrain

When in Rome- An Approach to Child Rearing

A Little Taste of Home

Maybe I Do Want to Go Home… A Little

Pooping Where You Eat-
Or How I Feel About Living with My Colleagues

Five Reasons We Won’t Go Home… Yet



Hasta Nunca… 

The Tough Get Going